VeriClean™ Operating Instructions

Inserting Batteries

  • Open the battery cover. Insert 4 AA Alkaline batteries into the battery compartment and close the cover. The VeriClean™ UV Sanitizing Wand is now ready to use. (Fig. 1)

Batteries Are Stuck

  • If your batteries become stuck we recommend squeezing the sides with light pressure and the batteries should come right out. 

Turning On and Off

  • To turn the device on, press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds. The LED indicator will begin flashing. Once the flashing has stopped, the VeriClean™ UV Sanitizing Wand is ready for use. (Fig. 2)
  • To turn the device off, press the Power button once while the VeriClean™ UV Sanitizing Wand is operating. (Fig. 3)


Low Voltage Warning

  • When battery voltage is down to 3.8V, the VeriClean™ UV Sanitizing Wand will start beeping for about 10 seconds. If no battery replacement is made after the beep warning, the unit will automatically shut off. (The germicidal lamp and LED indicator light will turn off.)

Safety Switch

  • The VeriClean™ UV Sanitizing Wand contains a safety switch that protects users from accidental direct contact with the UV-C light. When the UV-C lamp is turned to the upright position (bulb facing up) the switch will automatically cut off the UV-C light. When the UV-C lamp is pointing downwards, it will resume lighting. (Fig. 4)